How to Get Rich Series: Things I Bought To Get Rid Of Recurring Expenses – Roku Box

Everyone thinks that getting rich means making more money or winning the lottery.

It does not necessarily have to be the case.

Getting rich for me in the last few years is getting rid of recurring expenses. And the way I have done this is by getting rid of my cable bill.

That $90 dollar a month bill was really starting to aggravate me, since we only used to watch about 3 or 4 channels of the so called 650 we had to choose from.

The Cable company made it so that you had to pick the different packages at the time even if each package only had 1 real channel you wanted to watch. It became pretty pricey to watch TV. But everyone did it! Right?

It made for an expensive distraction.

We decided one day that we wanted that $1080 back in our pockets. So we exchanged the cable for a Roku box and an HDTV antenna.

We spent about $60 at the time for the box and about $100 for the antenna.

While it does not provide specialty channels for free. It does offer a variety of entertainment. And who really wants to watch adverts anyway.

The video below show you how we did it.

Three years and we still don’t miss the cable company or the bill.

Below are links that can get you started on your getting richer journey.

You don’t even need to really get rid of your cable at first. We didn’t. We just tried not watching it for a full 2 weeks and make do with an antenna with HD quality with our local channels, and watched Netflix movies /shows and YouTube for everything else.

If 2 weeks go by and you feel fine, do yourself a favor and make yourself richer.

Can you find a way to spend over $1000 a year on something better?

Worth a shot, don’t you think?


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