The Real Deal : T-Shirts From The Dollar Tree

Just when you thought you could not get a better deal at the Dollar Tree.

Not only is it a better deal, it’s an awesome deal!

The Dollar Tree offers T-Shirts for a buck.

Really….so are they those crappy see through T’s that you sometimes get.

NOOOO… In fact, I would call them high quality Tees
The cheapest I have ever found these were about $3 a piece and even those were not as good quality as the ones I found at the Dollar Tree.

The downfall, well they are usually all together and not in order or high up that you have to get someone to help you out.

But the price of them is worth the effort.

Be careful though, I’m not sure if they will always be high quality since they don’t seem to have the same brand from week to week, but just by touching and feeling the material you can tell if they are worth the weight.

And while we have not seen a ton of colors; usually ranges from blue, black and grey. At those prices you can have a t-shirt for every occasion without breaking the bank or even really caring if one day while you paint some gets on it.

But I would actually recommend you change in a lesser value more expensive shirt in your closet to do that with, because they are actually worth keeping clean!