Doing My Own Nails - Easy??

Am I a girly girl? Why yes I am, thanks for asking.

I remember as a young girl liking all the pretty things. I was not immune to Cinderella and loved her gowns and hair and pretty shoes.

Now I know it does not make me politically correct nowadays, but being almost 50 years old, I figure that has earned me a pass of having to be always the strong and reasonable one.

Nails have been no different for me. I loved having long nails. The only problem with that was that I have been fighting all my life with the nervous habit of biting them so even when I try to let them grow, the nails are brittle and weak and I have little success.

I have gone through phases of stick-on and glue-on and even had started going to the nail salon for acrylic nails.

However in the last little bit I have discovered gel nails. While it's nice to have someone do them for you. At $50 a pop it can start to add up and it looked simple enough.

So I finally took the plunge and bought some forms and the gel and decided to try my hand at it.

The surprise here was that it was just as easy as they showed it on the ads I had been seeing on Instagram. Put into the forms, apply to clean and prepped nail bed and tada....Nailutopia.

The best part is that I wanted them short and much thinner than what the beauty shop gives you and I was able to do and get them the way I wanted.

I decided to video my first attempt at this and although I forgot some of the time to stay in frame, you can honestly see just how easy it all was to do.

So if you did like I did and were going back and forth deciding if you should or shouldn't, my recommendation is that you should!!

Not only does it work, I found it a lot of fun to do.

I'm putting a few links of the products I was testing out in this video.


  1. Oh wow, that looks easy and fun!! I've been wanting to try it out...Now I think I will!!

  2. I have pretty fingers but my nails have always been thin. Even though if I do nothing, I can grow them a little, the minute I start working around the house, in the yard, at school, they break. I love to have the beauty shop nails, but they cost a lot. I am going to try the nail kit when this set of nails need a change. Thanks !


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