What Being Positive Means to Me.

I have seen a ton of videos recently of people who talk about being positive or not always being able to be positive.

Of course, that makes sense to me. You cannot always be positive. We as humans cannot be positive every moment of every day. Why do we have tear ducts if that should be the case? For those of you who say “tears of joy”, you need to really burst the bubble you live in, because that just ain’t so.

I, however think that people confuse happiness with positive attitudes. There are some people who think being positive is being happy all the time.

While I choose 95% of the time a positive approach to most things as in always looking for a different answer than a negative one, I still have days when I am thoroughly unsatisfied and unhappy. While the rest of the time I could also be considered the optimistic determined individual.

Days of being un-motivated and wanting to be left alone happens too!  I think fatigue has a lot to do with this too.
Being close to menopause and probably full blown perimenopause makes for an interesting new journey of lack of sleep and distorted hormonal thought patterns that sometimes leave me saying “What?” internally.

Then there are years of conditioning of not feeling worthy enough either by society or by family growing up that have done numbers on my self-esteem that leaves me constantly wondering if I am worth the effort. Not so positive.

People are constantly underestimating my intelligence and savvy even though I prove to them over and over again that I am smarter than they think.

But through it all, although not the “Belle of The Ball” I have fought to see the light at the end of tunnel. And although I have achieved a measure of success I soon realized that some of the obstacles I have encountered have been caused by my own mindset and a funk of self-doubt.

Positivity has always been there to pull me through, and usually it’s been there waiting for me after a good night’s sleep with a fresh new perspective.

Do I consider this a reason to be happy 24/7? Heck no! I need to get upset and be tired and out of sorts sometimes. This ensures you are a well-rounded human in my estimation.

Do I try to get back up and find the positive in life and every situation? Sure do. Am I always successful? Eventually, yes I think so.

Does that make me a non-confrontational automaton that smiles and thinks the world is made of cotton candy and marshmallows? Absolutely not.

I enjoy my range of emotions and always want to find the positive, because finding positives helps me and mine and that is the ultimate goal. Isn’t it?


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