A Few Breakthroughs

Well the end of summer is here and with it comes the beautiful fall. Although we had some pretty hot awesome weather, this summer was one that was pretty painful for me.
I found it energy draining and mentally painful.
I have to admit, most of it stemmed from work. Changes in the company from software to direction have been pretty intense in the summer months.
My differing opinion although mostly internal has also been something that I have struggled with and needing to work for another 3 to 5 years has represented some challenges in trying to accommodate my way of taking things to make my days agreeable.
Now work aside, I have finally decided what direction I wanted my YouTube Channel to take. Isn’t awful to have put out almost 400 videos and never really been sure if the direction I was going was the right one up until now?
I pigeon holed myself in the debt-free community and realized in the last month or so that we are so much more.
We want to share our journey and show that going on the right track does not always represent flogging yourself or sacrificing to the point of nose bleeds.
There are different ways of going about things and different videos that I want to make to show our journey. The good, the bad, the mistakes and the ugly.
So I have made a new intro and disassociated myself from the mindset that I need to fit into that community completely. I have allowed myself to believe that there is a place for me in everything. Hopefully, this will communicate better in my videos and I will be able to move forward.
Along with that I am trying real hard to go with the flow at the job since I am back from vacation (a whole two days) and to shut down the internal chattering in my head for a company I do not own.
Let the managers and great leaders do that. It really is as simple as just doing what you are told to the best of your ability while making sure they do not exaggerate on the utilization of your time by over working you or being unreasonable.
This part has been hard with what I feel is people constantly getting in my face and emails about stuff they want to change or done or corrected.
Would not be so bad if they eased into it, however, it is rarely this way and most changes hurt. Usually hurting the little guy (workers).
But nothing is perfect and neither was the way I was handling things mentally.
My mindset was probably the worst culprit to these situations. Someone who takes one situation at a time and is not so hard on themselves can probably accomplish a lot more without causing themselves this much stress.
This is my new mantra:
You are the only one who can cause yourself stress. You have the ability to shut others down who try to do it to you with very little effort. You and not others let the situations affect you. So change the way you think right now. Letting the stress of it all get to you?. Let it go. Do what you must and breathe. Nothing bad will happen to you I promise. You are your own worst enemy and critic.
I will try to keep this in mind as fall changes the colors and try to enjoy this awesome season.
I hope you are coping well with your days and if not, share with me what has been bothering you and the vent my help your days into perspective.