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New Year! New time for goals, dreams or whatever your little heart might desire. Or so that is what we seem to think.
For myself, I have had a few good years, but that has more to do with how I take life now than how lucky I am.
What I mean is, I still have trying days. Such as this week when the strains of a cold does not seem to want to let me be, however, I can take time off without stress, because I have set myself up that way. I can rest and take half days to take care of myself, easing the stress of needing to live paycheck to paycheck, because I simply don't live paycheck to paycheck anymore.
Thing is, accomplished goals of years past has led me to a much more laid back person. And laid back has offered me a peace of mind that I can now afford myself, because even if I missed work and then got fired for it, I am much better financially now …

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