10 Meaningful Reasons Decreasing Our Mortgage Has Affected Our Lives

What does this mean to me?
It means that I no longer have debt. Just a mortgage now, since I paid off the $30000 that I wrote into the mortgage last time we sat in the mortgage broker’s office.
It means that we are finally under $100,000.00
It means that I am committed to paying this off since I keep sinking my savings into this every chance I get (and it’s fun to see it disappear)
It means that If I continue on this journey, by the end of 3 years I will be mortgage free as well as debt free (same thing to meJ)
It means that all our choices are getting broader by the minute.
It means that my 9 to 5 is becoming less and less necessary each and every passing week.
It means that I can breathe deeply and not worry about anything too badly anymore and from week to week it just gets reiterated even more.
It means that I am finding my way out of society’s trap of the never ending round and round of work to live (pay to stay alive) and can finally work to save so I can live to do whatever the hell I want.
It means that my expenses will soon be far less than before.
It means that I am forever changed for the better.