Eyeglasses From The Dollar Tree (The Real Deal Series)

Why doesn’t everyone know about these?

Because we live in a society that dictates that you cannot get quality from Dollar Stores.
Ask any right self-proclaimed yuppie if he shops his eyeglasses at the Dollar Tree and he will outright laugh in your face.

Thing is reading glasses are a bit problematic since you don’t wear them all the time. 
You only wear them when you read and if you don’t have an existing eye problem such as I have by having been near sighted all my life, then you take these off and on, leaving more room for breakage and loss.

If you lose a pair of glasses that are $125 you might find that a bit disheartening, however if you lose a pair worth $1.25, then it makes it a bit more tolerable.

I would say that there is no great distinct difference between these glasses except for the brand name/ logo embossed on the glasses for the world to see. Some say that frames bought at the eye doctor are of a better quality and can be adjusted by the eye doctor like a precision tool.  However, in my case of wearing these, I have found it unnecessary to get into this since I wear them on my face, on my head and anywhere they may fall. The only precisions I require is that they are in one piece and don’t fall off my nose
If your brand names are what you are going for, then this is not for you.

I am a speaking to a class of people who don’t get hung up on such things. People who like fashionable glasses with selections that are quite impressive for the money you pay. So if I buy 4 pairs that I can keep in my car, at my job, in my home and an extra to boot while saving $120 to do other things with, well this pleases me just fine.

As you can see by the video below, you can get quite a variety and selection that is impressive for the money you pay. With the strength clearly indicated on the glasses, you have a variety to choose from.
If you don’t need to pay more, why would you?