Lack or Abundance? Which One Are You?

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Day in and day out, I hear different people whining of what they don't have.
Now I understand just as well as anyone in this western world that some consider it their God Given right to be able to complain.
And I am not saying that it’s a sin to complain about things especially if someone or an organization of someone’s is being neglectful and needs to be put right.
Not at all.
However, some seem to think they are entitled to better than what they have simply because they dislike what they have. Or they see others with better.
Here’s an Example to explain what I mean:
Dick just joined a new company where the old company he was working for was bought out by this new employer. He received an older company vehicle while others in the company have newer ones. A co-worker he works with said that he should complain that he should get a new vehicle because he holds a higher position than some (and because he does more driving) to the powers that be.
Dick in turn did not bring it up or even feel oppressed such as his co-worker did for him because he brought this vehicle to a mechanic to have it fixed and upgraded at the company’s cost, citing he needed to make sure that the vehicle was in top running condition and safe, to which the company agreed. And while it is not the next brand new thing, it was now a reliable well maintained and now fully fixed vehicle that he still does not need to pay a dime for.
Within a year Dick received a new vehicle which he appreciates just as much as the older one he was driving. Dick knew that he was lucky to have a completely paid for vehicle (no matter what the year) and realized the savings he was getting for having a paid for ride.
While there is nothing wrong with wanting better, some people feel injustice where there should be gratitude instead.
Some people feel Lack where rather There Should be a feeling of Abundance.
If I ever was this way, I’m no longer this way. Every single day, I look at my older truck that still works well and is paid for, my older home that is will be paid for in about 2 years.
I write in my blog and do YouTube videos knowing full well how much opportunity it is for me to be able to do this and that and diversify my income big or small.
I feel happy for .05 cents of interest gained or 120 dollars of income earned from adsense.
And feel abundant and grateful.
Have you looked around today and seen how lucky you are?
Try it.
If your eyes are open, you’ll realize that there is always something worth being grateful for. From the smallest to the biggest, you are here to enjoy it all. And what a happier person you could be if you could see through abundantly grateful eyes.