The Busy Months Of Fall πŸ‚

πŸ‚  As we enter another fall season, it’s good to remember that for some of us; it’s a season to shift our attentions to getting prepared for the long winter.

 Life north of the border can get pretty sad and grey at this time of year. 

Summer is quickly disappearing from view and while we get some hot days and some fantastic fall weather with turning leaves and sunshine, there is a lot of colder and wet weather to deal with.

Image result for fall leavesAlso with the return to school of the children, the normal cold and flu season comes back with a vengeance. Everyone starts getting sick. Both at work and at home, we have already had a few casualties of this. All on the mend now, I am happy to say.

My fall usually consists of extra costs as well. 

Winter tires if needed, or wood to burn in our wood stove. Preparation and winterization of the house and putting away of the summer toys makes for busy days and weekends.

As for me, I feel the dark days really wreak havoc with my energy levels and my pain levels as well. I suspect I have suffered from Fibro Myalgia for quite a few years now, since when the weather turns, so does my body.

The grave shifts in temperature and weather in these parts is something my body rarely appreciates and neither does my husband who suffers from arthritis.

As well, this time of year marks a few policies that need taking care of. 

So this has been the month of negotiations. 

First was for my car insurance and now for my house insurance. The car insurance is now in place and my one-time payment has alleviated some of the increasing costs of it. 

My house insurance has gone up, but by increasing my deductible and making a one-time payment for that as well, I will be able to keep it down for another year at no increase, at which time we will be shopping around with another broker. Sorry, but when you can’t get it done in a quick and efficient fashion for me. I move on.

Image result for fall leavesThe months before that we were working on our mortgage renewal and that is now in vigor for this next month coming up, but we have changes to do with this as well.

I will be contacting my mortgage specialist Michael to get more info on how I can fast track my mortgage payments. i.e. getting them bi-weekly, increasing payment by 20% and when I can put a 20% down etc.. This should be fun!

We are very much looking forward to lowering our mortgage to nothing in the next 3 years. To be mortgage free would really be a hoot in our books and afford us some freedom never felt before now.

The one thing I’m pretty sure of is that we have been feeling pretty great without revolving debt so getting rid of our biggest debt (our mortgage) will surely feel fantastic.

Is fall a busy financial month for you? 

Let me know in the comments. πŸ‚