How Easy It Is To Fall Back Into The Debt Trap?

Well Christmas and New Year has come and gone and as it does every year, and as with most years, we did not go through it unscathed.

And although I have the money to pay for it all (within a couple of weeks), I am always faced with the fear of falling back into the debt trap.

It seems so easy to just start spending again. We didn’t exactly save up for these things, but we sort of knew that within a certain amount, we could pay it back relatively quickly.

It still unnerves me though just how quick it is to just fall back into certain spending habits.

I have never feared debt. I always thought it was something that everyone had and simply lived with.

After all you could have revolving debt for years and years AND years without anything bad happening.  And we did, and we survived as many do living this roller coaster ride.

We had done it for over 20 years and I just did a few feeble pushes along the way to clear some of it (to make room) or consolidate it and started all over again.

With a few purchases done over Christmas and over a thousand dollars of debt to be re-paid, I am suddenly feeling anxiety about this and want to get rid of it... and quickly.

It really disturbs me to have it and knowing about it really REALLY bugs me.

I had over $60000 of debt that I paid back, but I can honestly say that this $1500 of debt that will be most certainly be paid back in full within two weeks surely is making me feel worse than when I owed our huge amount.

I guess I should be grateful. I guess it means I finally got it. By keeping my finances in check, I can ensure that I will always keep myself accountable for anything I do. And ultimately stop it before it gets too far.

And that is ok with me. And it might actually stop me from getting in too deep.

So for now I have debt again, but I can say that I am nowhere emotionally or financially where I was over 4 years ago. And thank God for that!!

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