When You Are Low – Count Your Blessings!

How do you make yourself feel better on days that don’t feel so great? Count your blessings.

I would suggest counting the people you love first. They are the ones that make living a must. Their constant presence in your life is important and you need to tell them too!

It’s sometimes easy to just lash out in anger and be slow to praise, fast to criticize or we tell other people how great our people are without letting the actual person know.

Next you should count the things you rely on that make you safe and happy. A roof over your head, food in the fridge and water to drink should never be taken for granted.

Being in a world that is safe and happy for you should always be appreciated and sought after.

We tend to take these things for granted when we have them, but we shouldn’t. A lot of people in the world are having a hard time making their safety and securities happen.

Everything else you get or have worked for should be your “gravy blessings”. Your favorite possession, a savings account, anything at all that falls in the material category that brings joy and peace to your life is the extra’s that everyone nowadays tends to regard as an entitlement.

Only people who have been or come close to homelessness realize just how precious the balance in life is and how fleeting all these things can suddenly become.

In the last few days, I have had some challenges physically. I now sometimes lack sleep and my body is exhibiting changes (no doubt because I am real close to or in menopause). However, I was able to go home early yesterday and sleep. And although I am still tired and my body is extra sore, I do have a chair to sit in. I have a warm sweater and I am here to enjoy my life today, regardless of these few things.

I enjoy doing my YouTube and watch it slowly grow over time. I enjoy receiving comments that say I have helped someone. I enjoy sitting by my wood stove at night and warming myself in comfort. I enjoy my soft warm blanket that helps me sleep (when I can). I could hear the snow pellets hitting my tin roof last night and felt such gratitude of being in the warmth and said a silent thank you.

I am grateful that in less than 3 years I will own that same old home that fills me with happiness and comfort.

I am grateful that I have a job that lets me sit if I need it on certain days like today when my bones and body need a break and that I also comfortable enough with my job to know how to do it without too much trouble.

I am grateful that most days I usually feel better than today and can get quite a bit done but I can still get through my day regardless of how I feel.

I am grateful for a partner that is on the same page as I am, that works hard towards our goals and making a world that is easier for us in the future.

I am grateful to be here everyday. What an adventure! And to all the possible great days lying ahead!


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