A Budget Is Super Fun When You Put It In A Planner (with Stickers)

It's a lot more fun to budget when you do it in a planner. 
It brings me back to the days of school when we were asked to draw and create and have fun.
And lets face it, stickers are just fun!

Quickly, my favorite videos are the ones that I do about our budget. Not only do I get to decorate and play with numbers (my favorite), it keeps me accountable for where we are trying to get in our journey.

It's tremendous fun. One of our goals is to also have some moderate to great passive income. Having said that we have been part of affiliate marketing with Amazon that has had limited success because mainly having problems with putting links for people to buy things while on the other hand giving advice on how to save.

I have realized however that people can save  money while still purchasing things they like and this is why I have put these links inside this blog. I have decided to promote purchases for $10 or less to people of some of my favorite things that are quality and great savings offering great fun and usefulness.

Now I can hear you saying...Jane what is useful about stickers.

1. They are cheap and under $10
2. They are fun to use in a planner or notebook
3. They directly relate to you weekly/monthly budget
4. It will keep you accountable for deadlines and goals
5. It will be great to look back at the end of the year and see how far you've come and how great it looks!

And finally, why should budgeting all serious and no fun. Make it fun. Make it a book that you want to revisit over and over again!

So help us reach our goals in our decade to freedom and use our links to buy these awesome stickers above or below.