When You Are Unhappy:

What has become crystal clear is that I am really unhappy where I work. 

I have been with this company almost 10 years and in those 10 years, I feel as if I have contributed far more then what has been offered to me.

I have seen people arrive after me and get so much more than I will ever have (mostly male unfortunately).

small towns= old fashion ideas

If you are a man, you get so much more than a woman. (Sad but true) They would probably say that all of these positions are paid the same; however, they will fail to tell you that most of these positions are held by women (stereotypical)

They have dumped considerable more work on my desk from year to year, without a decent raise. They give us the so called “cost of living” raise. And while the bonus yearly is nice, broken down monthly it adds up to about $80 a month more than our pay. 

The benefits are alright, but other companies offer the same.

When people in the company act incompetently, they send you to a course of how to “handle difficult people” instead of dealing with the problems or the problematic people.

A “thank you” for a job well done is viewed as a weakness and is rarely passed along. 

If you are an outlying division, they forget about you altogether unless you do something wrong.
They rarely accurately investigate real problems system wide and send generalized emails blaming everyone instead.

I have let them break my spirit more times than I care to count.

And have probably taken some years off my life by letting them do so.


From this day forward I am deciding to take control of my life.

No more complaining and no more surviving my work day.

This may sound like a post from a disgruntled worker, and in some ways it may be. 

But more importantly it is a post about someone who has finally decided to take their life back in control of their own hands.

I have heard of a site named Up Work where you can bid on work and make yourself a reputation and start earning a decent living (not that I need much), and I will niche out part of my home with desk and spot to work out of and will start seeing just how much I can start making in a week.

I will keep looking for new types of fulfilling work that will turn this frown upside down and make me a more fulfilled and happy individual. 

I need to find peace in my life. I am of an older generation who hangs in there, and does what they have to because we were taught to not quit.

But this type of thinking is what kills people now.

You need to find what makes you happy every day or at least what you can tolerate in a happy manner, than to stay in a situation that makes you totally unhappy which is what I am right now.
So this is my resolution and should be yours. It’s a bit early to have a resolution you might say if you follow yours on New Year’s, but mine is whenever I have finally have a light bulb moment and now is the moment, and today is the day!


Do not let employers stress you out. 

You need to find happiness and put the message out that they cannot treat people like this anymore.
We are in the 21st century and the oppression of employees (especially women) at this point is not to be tolerated anymore. 

The age of respect and kindness should be priority and everything else should be thrown out as the archaic way of doing things.

I am taking this to heart as I attempt a new journey to mold and do what is needed to find peace of mind and happiness in my days.

To all my future successes and yours.

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