What Would Happen If I Lost My Job? Then vs. Now.

A thought that has crossed my mind from time to time....

Here is what would have crossed my mind 5 years ago if that would have happened.

OMG what happens now? Less than a $1000 in the bank as a cushion and loads of debt ($60000).

Could I make the minimum payments on everything? My house payment? Possibly, but it would have been done with great difficulty and a lot of stress.

In one word...Worry.

But what about now?

The thought crossed my mind again as I had a difficult week at work, one of many where I am expressing myself more freely of mind and sometimes with less tact then I used to in the previous...let's call them more restrictive years.

First off I have a substantial emergency fund that I was going to use to pay off some mortgage. Did not do that yet and might have to reconsider putting it all in.

Then there is the fact that even without my paycheck (the smaller of the two), we could live on exactly half my husband's earnings. :)

And that is only by lowering our bills by about 300 a month, since I could cook more and spend less gas and lower my cell phone bill.

And I have not collected from Employment Insurance that would pay 60% of my salary after a 6 or 8 week waiting period.

So what has being smarter with my money done for me.

Well in one word....Liberation.

I am now free to feel free and unworried if my job decides that it no longer wants me.

I don't have to sit and fret and cry and worry needlessly. I can just live. And take my time and look for something that suits me and start saving again after I do so.

I don't know about you....but that little frown line on my forehead just took a permanent break!!

And that my friends is worth it's weight in gol....in smart money management.