Frugal Deal Or Frugal Fail - Dollarama's Lazy Susan

 Hi Everyone,

Thanks for coming around. I love to share all that I find can save us all the money we work so hard for in this life.

The Frugal Deal or Frugal Fail series is my way of letting you know if what I found was worth the buy or not.

After some looking online and deciding that what I needed were some lazy Susan's for my spice cabinet in my kitchen.

I also knew that this might cost me a bit of cash and wondered how I would cover those cost.

All I saw that was the cheapest I could find for my needs were around $20 (or more) on Amazon with shipping included.

But if at minimum I would get 3 that would still cost around $60 dollars to outfit my kitchen.

Then one day this spring I entered my local Dollarama store and saw them on the shelves and for only $4.

A little weary and of course having no measurements from my cabinets, I bought one and came home with the idea that I might end up having spent $4 for nothing because I came in unprepared.

To my delight and surprise not only did it fit inside my cabinets, they also worked nicely with the inside having a skid proof bottom and the underside also having skid proofing at the bottom of the legs.

They are made of plastic and as far as I could tell they were only in white but I had bought black spray paint for a frame project that I had done a few weeks ago. (Video Below)

So with that in mind I knew I would reuse that $7 can of spray paint to paint those at a later date.
I'm hoping this week sometime (if my procrastinator does not kick in...LOL).

So was it a frugal deal or a frugal fail? Well for $24 + $5 worth of paint I ended up buying 6 lazy Susans which is what I call a super deal.

Always keep looking for the deals and keep looking until you find them! All those dollars end up being a real money saver and even if chance you take does not pan out. Trust me...after a few years I realized that those deals were almost always worth the risk. Most of the time they do work out for you.

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Jane xxx