When You Are All About The Savings

Saving money makes me feel good. The reason… Because it’s money I put back in my pocket.
Last month I decided to get back on the saving money train. 

Part of that meant letting go of things I deemed no longer profitable. 

Part of it was my love/hate relationship with YouTube. But mostly I wanted to put more energy where it would benefit us as a couple who want to stop working in the years that are soon approaching and that would involve maximizing our money. 

One way that has never failed us is by finding the savings and the freebies. 

In the last two weeks I have maximized our money by about $57 dollars. I know it may not sound like much, but it sure has been fun to be on the saving train again. 

Our emergency fund is just about to turn from a 4 digit account to a 5 digit account, and that is so incredible I still have a hard time getting my mind to accept it.

Here are a few things we made money or saved money on:

1.       By getting the cash rewards Walmart MasterCard we made $45 dollars so far for 2 weeks. Then again $25 of that was a sign up bonus but I’ll take it.

2.       I started doing some free ticket scratching with an app called Lucky Day. I have $2 real cash accumulated and need $10 to cash out with paypal, after 4 days of play. I’m not sure if it will pan out, but it’s fun and it’s worth to see if you can actually do it. You can also cash out with points and need 5,000,000 to get $5 but I am already at 680,000 so it’s been good so far.

3.       I got a $10 coupon at Walmart for Online pick-up for groceries and they gave me a refer a friend link that I mentioned in the last blog for anyone who wants to try it and buys $50 worth of groceries they also get $10 off their first order. 

4.       And last but not least, hubby and I went to Dairy Queen and the receipt said if I filled a survey they would give us a code for a free Dilly Bar. So I did that, and gave it to hubby. Free Dessert!

I am pretty happy with my savings in the last couple of weeks, and hope I can keep the momentum going. My goal is now trying to find more freebies, because free stuff is awesome.

Gonna go check my local coffee app to see what they offer there!! J