Laundry In A Bucket -- Hand Washing Clothes - Life Does Not End When Machines Are Not Used



Then we invested in a small spinner dryer from the laundry alternative (in a future blog) that spun our clothes to near dryness, and then hung our clothes to dry or just hung them on hangers to dry.

The bucket costs were negligible and we found ways to dump and rinse without too much trouble. It really brought it home to us just how many clothes were no longer needed and how our dirty clothes really were (as in the washer we had was not really doing all that great of a job) and how many times you could wear things before they were considered truly dirty (undergarments excluded).

Now the spinner was quite a bit more to buy but worth the price for the money we would be saving by using it. It is a tool that is highly efficient in my estimation even when we bought another small washer that took next to nothing to run six months down the road, I still considered this purchase of the spinner/dryer a total find.

The video you saw was shot years ago just to show people who might think their life was over without a washer, that this was not the case. You just have to think out of the box or in the bucket….