Emergency Fund Update!!

Just a quick update to let you all know what is coming up this week.

We are so close to a totally funded 6 month emergency fund we can almost taste it.

And what do we do?

We end up pausing it to take some well needed and deserved vacation time.

So while we will be spending some money in the next two weeks and not putting any in the fund to live a little, we will also not be touching any of that money already saved.

Something we finally learned over this debt free journey.

We have already made quite a few expensive purchases, but I am happy to say that they should be all paid for within a few weeks.

Oh what a difference a new way of thinking makes.

I have also decided that this channel needs to take on a bit of a different direction.

I am a blogger first and foremost and I think that my thoughts are better on paper than just sitting there winging it.

I would prefer to inspire like-minded people into a journey of feeling better and working towards a better self and a better tomorrow. So for that reason, although finance is a very important part of my days and life, I want to round it out by talking about other things, inspirational and motivational things.

Lessons I have learned for myself in the last 47 years on this big blue ball.

Thanks for watching and thanks for clicking on the ads on the side bar. Even if you don't purchase a thing. These help this blog and YT channel very much.