Shopping Online....Good or Bad?

If you would have told me 20 years ago that online shopping was going to be my go to place to buy. I would have looked at you with a great degree of skepticism.

But here we are and I find myself doing it more and more since I feel that even the websites for certain local stores leave me cold. 

I start looking for things at local stores and then I can’t find what I am looking for or it’s not what I want and the price is out to lunch.

But then I go to Amazon or or Walmart online and suddenly I am finding what I was looking for and at a greater discount price than what I would have found somewhere else.
You can even make a general search once you have found the right item to compare if the price can be had lower. 

You can do coupon or promo codes searches and get further discounts. 

You can use discount apps such as Ebates that give you a further discount that redirects you to the same site while giving you money back simply for shopping through their app, making your shopping experience ones that keeps on giving.

It may sound quite intricate for a newcomer, but once the “one-two-threes” of learning are past, it can become quite addictive. 

Just as an example, I got an ottoman that was around $260 to begin at $55 on amazon and I was tickled pink at the deal.

Here are a few precautions you can take or I would recommend to make your sure your experience is a good one.

If you are not using a reputable store such as Walmart but instead a private seller. Look at the reviews. In today’s world people are more than happy to let you know if the seller can be trusted or even if the product they are selling is of the quality you need.

Example: I buy from the Wish App sometimes and I always look at the reviews and the reviews on the seller. They also sometimes put great pictures to show you what they ordered looked like. You'll know right away if you got a good deal.

Try to find companies that will include free shipping and if not take close attention to how and when they ship. Sometimes, not always, but sometimes one day shipping is cheaper than two day shipping. Go figure. All I am saying is pay attention. 

Here is an Ebates referral link if you interested to find out more. I am in Canada so it will only work if you are in Canada as well. 

Let me introduce you to the addicting world of "Why Pay More When You Can Pay Much Less Experience". 

Are there place you shop online that I might not know about that give you crazy savings?

Let me know in the comments section below.