Saving On Fitness

It's funny how you will overspend on the stupid stuff.

10 thousand items from the Dollar Store, but you seldom invest in the stuff that could actually help you.

Such was the case with us. For years now, everytime summer comes around, my husband says.

"I should buy a bike. I use to love biking as a kid."

But having been $60,000 in debt kinda stops you sometimes from the bigger ticket items thinking that somehow, the death through a thousand cuts (buying a whole bunch of unneeded cheap crap) would somehow make it okay.

Since we got out of debt and started saving, we get a little bit weird about spending, so we try to find ways of spending smart or finding others ways to get it cheaper.

I am glad to say that the rewards card we have from Walmart accumulated over $80 of reward points and Ed was able to get himself that much wanted bike he has been hankering for.

We still did not really want to spend $198 on the bike he was looking at since we had already made a purchase of an inflatable hot tub in the last couple of weeks which we will be talking about in the next blog which had cost us a pretty penny (all paid for).

But summer is here and when you put reward dollars in place that bike was not so expensive after applying them to it.

So for $108, hubby has been amusing himself running up and down the road in his brand new spiffy shinny bike.

And the rewards cost us nothing. I love it when free money helps you have fun. All we had to learn was to pay with a card and then pay that card immediately.

Absolutely love it. If you can master that. I highly recommend it.