Minimize To Optimize - The Boys Edition

Giving up stuff has gotten easier over the years. The open ongoing giveaway box has been a recurring thing in our house now for quite a few years.
In my series I like to show you what I have been giving away every week, because it’s sometimes fun to go through and try to rationalize what you bought and why?
The last box I filled, I unfortunately did not show you to completion how and when it was brought to the goodwill store, simply because hubby got a hold of it and got rid of it.

Nothing brings a smile to my husband’s face than to get rid of unneeded stuff in our home.
The one thing that keeps surprising me is the fact that after almost 3 years of ongoing giveaway boxes that I still have so much stuff and that I am not through doing that yet???
I swear the stuff is replicating.
This week I have a surprise giveaway box. The reason I call it that is that it’s my sons who put their stuff in it to give away. Now I’m pretty sure it’s all clothes, but I will take the time to show you what they gave away.
Having bought them a few new t-shirts we asked that they take the time to go through their drawers to find the stuff that no longer fits.
This has been rarely done in the past so I’m sure they had a few things that could be donated probably for some time now.
So this week’s episode is strictly dedicated to them. Since…well it’s their box.
Do you have an ongoing box of stuff that you keep around to put stuff to get rid of?