Wait a Frugal Minute – Bike Accessories

So as you all know we got a new bike for Ed with the help from the rewards card, but as with all things it rarely ends there.
You need the accessories for the bike.
I remember quite a few years ago (like 10) when I got a bike. It cost me a pretty penny to outfit it with things I wanted and needed.
I got a new seat (more padded for my sizeable butt), a helmet, a water bottle, a bag, a mirror and some gloves. And if I were to guess it probably cost me the price of another bike to just get the stuff that goes with it.

This time we were smart and went to the Dollarama (a discount store that has items up to $4 in cost– it used to be only a $1 but times they are a changing).
So from there we got the foam seat cover for $3 and some gloves for $2.50 and a water bottle holder for $1.25 and a carry-on bag for phones and things for another $3. So instead of overpaying for these things, we were able to save what could have cost a small fortune in the past.
If you are not opposed to a “no brand name” kind of buy, then you are someone who can probably handle getting a good deal and not having to buy these things at a much higher retail price.
What is something you got a smoking deal on recently?
Let me know in the comment section below.
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