Advice On Saving Money & My Take On The Work World

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It occurs to me that we live in a time where people offer lots of advice and lots of opinions on a myriad of things.
Thing is, I actually wanted to give my own opinion on advice that is being given.
Not that the advice given is not accurate, but simply that it usually applies to the person’s life that is giving it.
Some may tell you to save money you need to forgo lunches or supers out to save, while they deem a dishwasher and a dryer important.
 That does not mean that it is what is important for you. We would consider going out to dinner on the weekend really important, while having cable and a dishwasher…not so much.
Advice and opinions abound about what you should and should not do to save money; but ultimately, you have to find the right combination for yourself.
Equally important would be how I wanted to broach the topic of finding a more balanced work experience. Some say you should be efficient and volunteer to help all the time. That this will make you stand out.
And as much as I would like say that is the case and that the employer will see just how wonderful you are, this is not always the case.
Most likely, if you are not part of a family or mom-and-pop type of establishment, standing out in this case will mean that you will be volunteered for more work if you are efficient while others who are less than stellar at their jobs (but still get paid for their incompetence) will get to continue being less than efficient while you will still not get any kudos, money or rank to do more.
See the truth of the matter is, employers want results and their bottom line. Most of the time they do not care who gets it for them and unfortunately if the scales are tipped more to one side, it really goes unknown to them.
The services they sell is their money makers and seen as assets while employees are seen as liabilities because they lose money to employ people to do jobs. Of course that is false, because people help employers succeed or fail at their enterprises, unfortunately that is not what is being taught. We are like the building that needs renting as a necessary evil.
Why do you think they automate what they can whenever they can? It’s a one-time cost with low overhead, while employees are recurring and expensive tools to have. Which also means that being seen as a great asset to the company is something they choose to put off as long as they can because that means they would have to pay you more for your services. So it really isn’t anything personal, which is the whole point here. Most businesses are not personal.
So what to do in this case?
I would suggest doing your best job, but then I would suggest that you don’t kill yourself trying to prove how irreplaceable you are. A mentor once told me that everyone is replaceable.
Instead, I would suggest doing a job you don’t hate. Try to find peace and serenity in your work environment while making your boundaries clear.  Don’t let others take advantage of you. And never let the job take away from people you love.
And that has been my 2 cents on that.

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