Working Towards the “Big Zero”

We finally found a name for it. It’s the “Big Zero”. What does that mean for us?
It means no more debt of any kind.  No revolving debt and no house debt. That’s a big one because it opens up doors of all kinds.
Why? Well imagine not having the biggest debt you have to pay every month. You heard me. I called my house a debt. Yes. I don’t believe it should be considered something you just need to pay for every day of your life until you die. Not if you don’t have to.
Getting rid of a house payment will afford us such great freedom and another huge step into becoming debt free.
Age is slowly but surely creeping in on us. We will soon be half a century and I’ll be damned if I spend any more time than I have to in a full time job that sucks all my life force from me.
I don’t hate my job, but life is so short and I need to experience it before it slips away.
Here is our current goals and video on our new final debt journey.