Stop Feeling Unworthy!

Ever have those people who don’t like you and never will like you. Or those that have spent their lives making sure you felt left out?
I have…but I’m not here to talk about that. Let’s face it; I’m sure most people have had that experience.
I am here to talk about how to turn those negatives around.

Remember that for every person who is not for you, there are ones that are. The person or people who believe in you, the people who care about you and want your success and to see your smile.
It’s true. Even social media people. I have a few Facebook friends that I have never met who treated me nicer and sweeter than people I have called family and friend for a time.
I have people here on YouTube who come see my videos every single time, and don’t fail to do so even when this poor little channel is sinking most of time.
You have your person, you know the one. For me it’s my husband and my boys. Always on my side and I know it. These are the people who make sure you feel like you matter in this world.
You don’t need for everyone to love you or care about you. You just need to make sure that you recognize the ones that matter and care about you.
See, sometimes we focus on those people who won’t accept you and spend too much time in our heads wondering why they went out of their way to make you feel like less.
There is sometimes no real reason. Sometimes there is but it’s usually out of your hands. To dwell on it is just self destruction.
So I would suggest replacing any thoughts about these people who have made you feel low and replace them with the comments, conversations, smiles, loving hugs of the wonderful people, whether it be family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances that have contributed to your emotional well-being.
And remember to share the love with them. It is a much better use of your thoughts and your time.
Thanks for listening.