Going too fast!! Missing it All!!

Ever find yourself just wondering where the time went?
Ever think when you are supposed to be relaxing and enjoying yourself unable to do just that?
You organized some planned outings or events or vacations and when it comes time to enjoy it, you think you have but then when you are back in the real world and look back and realized that part of you missed the experience.
If this sounds familiar to you, then congratulate yourself…You are among us that have a hard time turning everything off and enjoying the moment.
I thought I was a very deep person and could be inspired and awed by everything. Thing is I spent so much time organizing the special moments that I forgot to enjoy them when they came.
Even funnier than all that, I found that I can finally enjoy a moment the simpler it is. Floating in a pool by the ocean staring at the clouds and sky was one of the great revealing moments for me.
I had planned a trip to Daytona with the family. A day a Universal and such, but where we stayed was a rented condo apartment that led out to the pool and then the ocean.
While I paid relatively cheap to stay there with the family and it was a bit small for our king size family, the best times for me where the early mornings having my quiet coffee watching the ocean, then taking a float in the pool watching the blue skies and then walking the beach with my camera snapping the odd shot here and there.
It was relatively simple and did not need any extras except for me to simply stop and enjoy every moment.
Although now that I say it, it sounds like a pretty great vacation and it was, but to tell the truth I had planned some much more intricate and detailed vacations than this one.
My point to all of this is that I had to tell my brain to stop trying to figure out the next thing or the next step. Sometimes I just had to watch the waves crash unto the shore and just be still.
We seem to always be chasing the carrot thinking that if we plan it all, that is when we will fully enjoy it.
Thing is the real secret to it is this. If you can simply enjoy whatever, whenever without having to have it tied up perfectly in a pretty bow, you will start to enjoy the moments when they are offered to you instead of waiting for the perfect time or moment. I have done both and the perfect moments rarely compare to the simple moments that came without warning.
If you wonder why I write such posts on a blog called Frug-A-Finance. I will explain. I believe that our emotional well-being is directly related to the way we live, including affecting our finances and our habits good and bad. So when you think about this in that way, you then realize that if you don’t deal with the reasons why we overspend emotionally, we can never start healing and living with what we have and will always stay stuck in the pattern we are in.
When was the last time you truly enjoyed your moments?
Let me know…I love hearing about those positive times.