Bad Habits Are SO Easy To Slip Back Into!

Three years later and we are still struggling. 

Don’t get me wrong… We are not in debt anymore. Nor have we accumulated any more debt. Thank God.

But we are overspending and last week, boy, did we overspend.

I guess money really is a bad habit we get to try and master all our lives, much like any other bad habit you have to work at breaking. 

We try to be good to ourselves and since we have gotten our expenses so low, we allow ourselves outings and restaurants. That is where we love to spend.

But in the course of the last month or so, we have been really not tracking enough what we spend from week to week and now last week our expenses ate up more than half my paycheck. Talk about eating yourself out of paycheck.


Why is it so hard to stay on track? After 3 years of hard work you would think that being good with money would be ingrained in us. 

Apparently not.

We have done so much with everything else, but I guess in the end, this is the one area we kinda refused to tailor.

So in the next few months or so, we will be starting to look at how we are managing our weekly expenses. 

This one is not so much fun since that most certainly means we will have to start counting and giving out a certain allowance to curtail this spending spree we have started to do with more and more vigor every month since we claimed to be debt free!

We want to get rid of our house payment so we can be and feel free of this rat race world we live in and finally live to work at things we like and love instead of having to work to live.