Pick Your Battles!

I have caught myself so many times wanting to comment on things on Facebook. Giving my two cents and spend equally as much time deleting what I was about to write.
Well…because I have an opinion and want to share it and like everyone else in the world. I want to be right about what I think of things.
I consider myself a common sense type of person, however, I can be very rigid in my way of thinking.
Yes… I can.

And ridiculous situations with ridiculous people drive me absolutely nuts.
If I was a person like so many who are ok with willingly shoving their heads in the sand instead of dealing with anything at all, you know the ones who say… “why bother yourself with this” as they ignore everything around them even when people are being ignorant to them. These are the people who attend family reunions every year and pretend that they have not been insulted or judged by those people they make a point to avoid all year round.
I would say that perfection lies somewhere in the middle.
But you have to pick your battles and goals.
1. I recently saw a posting for work that interested me. It would have utilized my gift for organizing and troubleshooting things.  However, after a few questions and seeing that lack of cooperation and lack of information to the questions I was asking, I realized that even if by a miracle I would have been picked for this position, I would have worked way too hard for a lot less money than the job was paying. So I did not pursue it any further. I declined this battle.
2. When someone overstepped their boundaries with me and I realized that if I did not put my point across I would be facing more of the same in the future. I decided to gather my courage and put my voice in force and draw a line in the sand. I picked this battle and was willing to live with the consequences.
3. So many times I see closed minded people post the most ridiculous stuff and always get real bothered by it. I declined this battle by limiting my time on social media or media of any kind. (better for my health)
4. I do work that helps me keep my head held up high and am learning to dismiss the rest of the crap that drives me a bit batty.  I am learning to battle the good fight and dismissing the bad one, but it’s sometimes very very hard.

I have something I try to utilize when I can catch myself. I ask myself this question?
Will this affect me personally? I know it sounds overly simplified, but it’s not really. Sometimes you get swept up in stuff that really won’t affect the quality of your life today, so why dispense any sort of energy on it.

Do you have tricks and tips of how you battle everyday stuff?
Leave me your ideas and comments below.