Happiness & How I Work On It Everyday!

Ever see happy people and wonder what the hell they are so happy about?

 I’ll tell you because I feel like this about 85% of the time now. I work towards simplicity of thought and feeling. I work towards the simplicity of everyday living and of course that includes getting rid of unnecessary expenses.

The more I push, the more I expand in mind and heart.
Sometimes I stumble a bit and take a step backwards, but that is ok.

I get so busy with searches and the next thing I forget that I need to relax sometimes instead of pushing so hard. I have to remember that I can put constant pressure without forcing it.

A steady push can you get you much farther and exert a lot less energy while still moving forward. But on days like today where I go over our plans and budget and future plans and current successes, I can’t help but think that I am very happy at this moment with everything.

I have some good guys in my life. I am hoping to continue helping them along the way and watch them enjoy and be fruitful in their own lives, and a hubby who is on the same page as me.

The more things fall in place, the more time I have to watch them. To really stop and watch them and their beautiful faces. Most days I just want to smile at them and hug them and frame their beautiful faces in permanence in my mind (actually Facebook helps me with that).

It’s wonderful to be here today. Does not mean that things will always work the way it’s supposed to or that stuff will never happen, but if you keep in mind that stops along the way are not complete stops but places of rest in a long journey, you can continue even when you are not sure where the destination is anymore.

Your being knows instinctively where it needs to go even when your head and heart aren’t totally sure. Everything you are works together to make up who you are and contributes every day to your journey.

Just think when you were on the wrong path how awful you felt. That was your being telling you to go another way, to find another path.

So find your stride. Smile. Find the people you love. Find the sun in your life. And keep moving forward. Happy is just a thought away.

Actually, it just might be the next one you are about to have.