New Sources of Side Income - Tally For June

I figured I would do this blog entry to let you know what I am currently making other than my regular salary.
And most would ask, why do you want to work more than your normal salaries if you have decent jobs etc...
Well here is my explanation for this.

As you all know, we are on a 10 year journey to becoming financial free. And although the jobs we work would probably get us there and we have paid off all our revolving debt.

It would most likely take a bit more than 10 years to do.

Here is why.... We started this much too late in life.

Now I know many of you will understand this.

Now I won't say that we were all bad. Most decisions were made because we were living on one income for a family of four, however, there are some instances that we could maybe have done better with our cash if we had had better knowledge on the subject instead of doing like everyone else we knew and just hoping for the best. Or hoping to win the lottery.

Our next step that we will be attempting is paying off the mortgage, which I will be starting a countdown within the next 3 or 4 months for you.

And I want to get there faster than the 3 years it will most likely take, not only to start investing so we can get to the point where one of us or both of us can not work as much, but also some of these side gigs such as my blog which I love writing could become something that I do for the rest of my life.

I am a writer, I love writing. So it's the best of both worlds.

So here is what we made last month.
$9.69 was made from out high interest savings account for our emergency fund.
$8.19 was made from here which is what happens when you read my blog. Although this money has a threshold of $100 for payout (meaning I have no access at this time) I consider it money in the bank, and I want to say a big thank you. My ad account had been way too quiet since YT demonetized me. To see money go back in again was super fun.

Talking about YouTube I have heard that many have been re-monetized. I cannot apply until my view time goes up somewhat. So if you want to show some support, please click on a playlist on my YouTube page and let it roll and this will increase my watch time so that I can re-apply. There is one playlist called my latest and greatest and it has most all my videos. Or if you simply want to revisit some of your favorites, anything you watch will increase my chances of being able to apply sooner. Thank you to anyone who helps out. I truly appreciate it.

Next up is a app I downloaded about 6 weeks ago called Lucky Day. It offers you tickets to scratch off your phone for points. Once you reach 5 million points, you can cash out with a few choice gift cards for $5. In my case because I am in Canada they offer Starbucks, Home Depot and Best Buy. The points accumulate fast enough and I have the equivalent of $6.50 right now which makes it accessible money. But I think I will save my points to get to 50 million to get an amazon card for $50 at a later date.

On the same app you sometimes win a cash amount as well. Once you reach $10 you can cash out with PayPal. I am currently at $6.50 so that is inaccessible but I consider this money in the bank as well.

The last amount I have to share is from my amazon associates sales. I have made $7.88 last month from people using my links. It is the most I have made since I am an associate. This is also not accessible until I reach $100 threshold.

Anyone who wants to be supportive and shops on amazon can simply click on the link below and save it as a favorite and every time you shop, a small amount is deposited into my amazon account bringing us closer to our goals.

I will leave both links in the description and comments below.

So our grand total for extra income for the month of June comes to $38.76.
To tell you the truth I'm quite impressed with that number. Even if right now more than half of it cannot be cashed out. I am very happy with the results and want to thank everyone who helped.
Thanks for reading, thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video and blog!