Living With Your Decisions By Being Your Authentic Self!

If I have learnt anything in the last few years in my life, it's that I am getting okay with the statements, opinions and comments that I make everyday.

Unfortunately, just because I am okay with my new truth and honesty, does not mean that everyone is okay with me being this way.

Especially if they are trying to deceive OR are not at the same point of being honest with themselves and people around them.

For that very reason, I sometimes find it hard to keep friendships because of the fact that I no longer subscribe to a life of different facets.

What you see is pretty much what you get when you are with me.

Thing is, I always dislike having upset anyone or having someone upset at me, but it is something I now have to deal with.

And my character of not suffering fools lightly makes me rather disregard and refuse to accept such bad behavior.

Silent treatments or sudden curt changes of mood is something I relate to a child's temper tantrum or bad behavior.

I still struggle of how to deal with this, and especially hard for me to not threat such people as a mother would deal with a petulant child and make such individuals feel as if they are being completely ridiculous.

As much as I try to distance myself from such things, it is not always possible, especially if you work in the outside world.

And these individuals trying to make my environment one that of being completely uncomfortable tends to make me feel that this shows a complete lack of character.

Do you feel as I do?

Do you have a hard time dealing with the different faces of people? The ones they show you and the ones they show others?

I guess in the end it all comes down to is living with your decisions.