How Do You Deal With Exhausting Weeks?

This is not going to be a downer blog; however I must confess, it’s been an exhausting week.
1.       I am in the process of re-negotiating my mortgage interest rate for the next 5 years. The person I am dealing with of course is trying to convince me how others will not offer me the offers I see online, but of course I know differently. I have a number I am shooting for personally and if he can meet it, I will re-sign with them. Nonetheless, he says he will call and then doesn’t. Then I have to call and almost threaten to go elsewhere. I’m hoping he gets back to me shortly so I can finish this back and forth and lock it down, since we all know this will be the last time I do this!!
The best part of this is that because I have money in the bank and a good credit score, the threat of re qualification and having to put a down because we have an older home and would need to re certify no longer is a looming threat over our heads. We have the money in the bank!! J I feel we have more power and that feels good.
2.       I have had a few ups and down at work concerning the way people communicate with me. Being debt free has afforded me the luxury to deal with the problem in a professional but firm way of requesting how I want to be treated and for the first time in my life I feel empowered. It’s been quite nice, but the initial aggravation still caused a bit of damage on me.
3.       I have been completely exhausted all week and feel a bit better as the week progresses but not entirely sure if I am fighting something off. And as much as I wanted to post every day this week, my fatigue just stopped me dead in my bed for that is the only place I wanted to be all week long.

I think I have done OK this week with all that is going on. And most of it could have been much worse if we would not be debt free and have money saved. I don’t think I quite realized right up until now the amount of freedom we have already as much as I have this week. I have not accomplished much housework wise, however, the week seems to be moving forward and the weekend is quickly approaching. I am very happy to see it coming and hope I can further feel better as I get the time to rest.

How has your week been? How do you get through your week when it’s been tough? Let me know in the comments.