How Do I Organize My Life?

Ever run out of time in a day. I do. All the time. 

So how do I optimize my time? With a list and a lot of forgiveness.

With everything I do in a day it stands to reason that I could feel like there is not enough time in a day to get everything done, let alone keep a home clean.

I found that even a little attention to your home can get you in a state that is better than complete messery (and yes that is not a word and I made it up).

How do I do that? Well every day I write down a task or two that I want to do beyond dishes and making my bed that I saw would need some doing. 

If you see some books that need to be picked up or a few bags that got left around from cleaning out a closet, well I put it on my list to do on Monday, along with a load of laundry or two. And then maybe pass a dust rag on my night tables. It’s not a lot, but if it gets done, then I won’t have to think about that for a bit.

How about that dust behind the couch that I keep seeing? Well I put that for Tuesday along with vacuuming the small rug in front of it. And maybe find a place for those drawers that have been sitting there forever from a renovating job in my bedroom quite a few months ago.
It’s not the whole picture, but little by little I am regaining the space that has been shrinking with stuff and dust. 

Sometimes you just don’t have the energy to do it all. But you just have enough to do a few little things. And as we all know a few little things ends up being a lot in the long run.
So what if you can’t clean the house from top to bottom every single week. As long as you keep cleaning, you should be able to keep it relatively ok. 

And I have to say that striking it off my list makes me feel super good too.

And as I mentioned, any little thing is something and also don’t forget to forgive yourself if you can’t quite do it all every day. Just rewrite it in the schedule for later in the week and carry on.

Last weekend I wanted to paint my lazy Susan’s black because they would match my cabinets, but the 113 degree weather was not helping me so I put it off until this weekend.

The other thing I do is keep the bigger projects for the weekend so that I don’t overburden myself on the weekdays.

And on the flip side if I feel like doing more, I just do more. Sometimes I find other things as I am cleaning or fixing and just do it. I add them to my list to be able to strike them off.

But you have to remember this one important thing… to learn to forgive yourself if you are too tired or too sore (with chronic illness or anything that might stop you from doing your stuff). Just try again another day. As long as you don’t give up entirely, you are always winning.

What do you do to help your days get better organized? Do you do something every day or do you do it all in one shot?