What You Had Then Vs. What You Have Now - Are You Grateful?

You know, as I look around me, I realize just how lucky and grateful I am.
Not that I have not recognized this before, but I find when I do it or say it in it's in a general kind of way. I don't always break it down.
Now I'm sure that are a whole group of you that will say...Oh I never take anything for granted and you know you should hold on to that since have a key that many don't.
As for myself I am a constant work in progress.
And while I know how lucky I am to have such a great and loving caring family (this one I never forget), the rest of my environment can somehow just blend in.
As we have mentioned and showed in our video "Happy Canada Day".
The weather in these parts has been somewhat less than comfortable in the last few days. It's been real hot. And while I refuse to complain about it since winter is something I feel lasts way too long around here. It's had us being creative to keeping our direct environment cool.
We have what we refer to as "window shackers" or window air conditioners.
They are small and we have two a the moment keeping the upstairs somewhat human and the downstairs icy.
My Jeep's air needs to be fixed and when we went out yesterday for a bit, I found my way into a dollarama to buy a spray bottle and some water and then proceeded to cool our drive by sporatically spraying each other while the windows' air was acting as our fan.
When we got home, we used the outdoor BBQ to cook some good hamburgers and then just lazed around in our nice home with our good food, a few beers and my glass of wine with our cooled bodies and not a real care in the world.
Today as I sit on my third day off of a long weekend still real hot. I realize as I sip my coffee just how terribly lucky we really are.
No we don't have a central air conditioner. But we are super cool.
No we did not have air in my car. But found a way to cool ourselves and enjoy the summer warm air.
No we did not eat the biggest steaks on the BBQ. But our good ole BBQ still pretty nifty in size and hubby made some awesome hamburgers and they were good.
No it was not imported beer and wine. And my wine was from a bottle from last week (because I hate to waste so I finished it). But I loved the taste of it all together.
No we did not go to a noisy parliament hill to celebrate Canada Day. But instead stayed home and watched some older movies. Roadhouse anyone.
And it hit me yesterday while I was thinking on all these things, just how very grateful and lucky I am to be this rich in my life. I remember having a big fan and spray bottle years ago when first married and feeling the same way. On hot days, we made sure everyone had their fans and that kept them cool and a spray bottle and I remember then thinking that I was lucky to be so smart and be able to stay cool on such hot days. Although night time could get a bit tricky, we managed.
I have an inflatable hot tub now that I keep at body temp on hot days that is both therapeudic and refreshing, but I remember getting refreshed in a "kiddy pool" and a sprinkler hose with the kids. I remember all the fun we had and how they loved it and thought of how lucky I was to have such a great family and how we found ways to be okay and have fun.
I remember only having a tiny BBQ to cook on at one point could barely put 2 hamburgs on it, but we cherished it and the fact that we could BBQ on hot days. I can still remember even before that having a hibachi with the charcoal flavor and thinking I would not want anything else at this point because the flavor is sooooooo good.
The thing is, I was so grateful back then, so being grateful now is a breeze. I can remember having less and feeling lucky and blessed for what I had then, knowing that I could be hot without a fan or a home even or food and shelter.
Our stuggles in the past have helped us in our current present and even when things are not working such as my air conditioning in my car, we don't say...oh we can't take that car. We simply improvise and realize that things can be modified and a solution can be found.
What are things that you have today that you are grateful for that you did not have yesterday?
I know they say not to love things, but do you at least take care of the things that offer you some relief or comfort in today's world? Do you remember when you had less? Do you think of what life might be like if you had nothing at all?
Leave me a comment below.