Tip On How To Make Work Bearable By Setting Boundaries

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I used to work at making money. Most people would think…Isn’t that why you work?
Well yes, we do work to make money. But more and more every day, I’m trying to make the manner in which I make money a more peaceful experience.
The reason… Because who needs to feel frazzled or always looking for a way out.
How do you do this?
Well I would say the very first thing you should do is set boundaries. I have realized this from experience in both the work place and everyday life.
Setting boundaries to what you will put up and not put up with is good in all ways. It lets bullies know that you will not be pushed. It will let others know that you are a strong person.
You do not need to be mean or overly dramatic to get your point across. If you were to ask me how to do something like this, I would suggest simply getting to the point without being rude. Get to the point as fast as you can, and keep the emotional part OUT OF IT. People will take you much more seriously if you keep it professional and non-emotional.
Practice if you must, but make sure your point is taken and observed. I find emails are a good way to get your thoughts in order. Writing things down any way you do it, I find, is always a good way to start.
I always write my first draft quickly; this one usually has emotion and sometimes even anger and sarcasm (yes I can be a sarcastic person).
The second draft I take out all the emotional angry stuff and then I pretend I will be the receiver and try to think of how a message would make more of an impact on me.
The third and usually last draft, I try to shorten the sentences and get more to the point so that it does not ramble on for no reason which would quickly lose the interest of the reader.
If in doubt, just read it out loud to yourself. When you have done all of these things, check it one last time and send or practice and speak.
You can be proud of yourself to think that you kept your wits about you but still managed to show strength of character and a cool head. You will respect yourself and feel so much better. I have never seen any negatives to a firm but cool mind spoken with a professional demeanor.
You don’t even need to worry about doing this over and over for I have found that if you get your point across to one person even just once, if they are reasonable people they will get the message the first time around.
Again, I am not talking about toxic people who do nothing that makes any sense (and let’s face it there are way too many like that).

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